3D Printing Fighting Covid-19

Once upon a time in March 2020, there was a company that was booming and in high development in Brazil. The company was recruiting many employees and investing good capital in research and development. New products related to 3D printing were being launched on the market.

That was when what was predicted happened but nobody believed it. The pandemic struck hard. We had to review all processes, logistics and supply chain.

3D printing received a high level of international prominence for being able to quickly help in the manufacture of accessories that help and helped in the fight against Covid-19.

Many 3d printers were sold and there was a big step in sales. We modernized all of our production lines, professionalized all processes worldwide to today serve new markets.

Fortunately we were able to help and continue to help in this difficult time. More than 500kg of PETG and PLA filaments were donated for the construction of faceshields and the creation of other mechanical mechanisms such as respirators or spare parts for these devices.

Today 3D Fila is a multinational proud to be able to play its role for the social good.

To the whole society from all over the world. Count on 3D Fila.

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